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A Woman's Concern, d.b.a. LearnYourOptions is a 100% privately funded 501(c)3 non-profit organization with over 24 years of experience standing in the gap for life and legacy.  Through the generosity of our financial partners (individuals, churches, businesses and private foundations), we are able to provide free pregnancy confirmation services (pregnancy testing and ultrasounds), comprehensive options education with counseling, and material support to women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies. We currently operate three offices - Revere, Hyannis and Fall River, and a mobile medical clinic deployed in the Greater Boston area. 

We believe all human life is sacred; women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies should be fully informed of their three options and the facts associated with those options prior to making a decision.  Whether a fixed location or a mobile clinic, our purpose is to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely information, and free services that empower women and couples to make well-informed, life-affirming decisions regarding their unexpected pregnancy. Furthermore, we also offer post-abortion counseling because those who terminated a pregnancy shouldn't live in a shadow of shame and brokenness.  

The decision regarding an unwanted pregnancy is never an easy one; studies show that 74% of women who terminate their pregnancy believe that having a baby would dramatically affect their life in a negative way.  Furthermore, studies show that 67% of women, who terminate their pregnancies, feel they had "no choice" because they were pressured by their inner circle (partners/parents/friends) - that isn't "choice", that is injustice. 

Furthermore, difficult life circumstances present many challenges (drug addiction, lack of education, lack of finances, domestic abuse, lack of support, and fear of being judged or disappointing their peers).  By offering a holistic approach, our objective is to empower our clients to face their challenges, show them there is hope and life beyond their seemingly dire circumstances and equip them to oppose those who attempt to pressure them into ending their pregnancies.

A Woman's Concern is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Health and neither performs abortions nor provides abortion referrals.  Unlike abortion facilities, we do not receive a financial benefit based upon the choice a woman makes.

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