Lynn was focused on getting to the concert; she wasn't paying much attention to the exhibits and vendors as she walked. She wasn't even sure why she was there, alone, except she felt God urging her to attend. From her right, she hears a kind voice offering her a free cellphone wallet. She turns to meet eyes with Georgi who is standing near the ICU mobile medical unit. Curious she inquires, "What is a cellphone wallet?" Georgi explains it is a rubber pocket that adheres to the back of a cellphone to hold important items like a license.

Georgi shares our mission for helping women and couples facing unplanned pregnancies. Lynn is quiet and reflective then she tells Georgi, "I've never been to Soulfest, but I really felt God calling me here."  Tears begin to well-up in Lynn's eyes and her throat tightens, she is about to share a secret she carried for 40 years. Recognizing Lynn's struggle, Georgi encourages her; Lynn can sense she is in a safe place.  With tears streaming down her face, Lynn tells her story, "When I was 14, I got pregnant. My mother insisted that I have an abortion – I had no choice; I was powerless to save my baby. You are the first person I ever told." Georgi opens her arms and they embrace for a long time – standing in the middle of the Soulfest grounds. Georgi tells Lynn that "God is gracious and forgiving"; Lynn weeps and continually expresses her gratitude for our presence and mission.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners – Isaiah 61:1



Twice the Impact!

It was a crisp November day when Adany entered the Revere center; she was anxious and feared she was pregnant. She and her boyfriend were no longer together and at age 29, she was living with her mother as a temporary solution. So much uncertainty in her life, the idea of being pregnant and a single mom was overwhelming.  Her pregnancy test was positive and a subsequent ultrasound confirmed she was pregnant with twins! 

You can imagine  the emotions she experienced: disbelief, surprise, excitement, fear!  She also suffered with severe nausea, often requiring hospitalization.  Although facing many challenges, Adany, with the help of her supportive mother, and the encouragement and ongoing support from LYO, continued her pregnancy.  She shared that "coming into LYO was the best thing I ever did."

Her twin daughters were born at 30 weeks on 4/26/2016: Victoria 2lbs 8oz and Valentina 2lbs 2oz. For months Adany visited her babies at Beth Israel Hospital and each night went home empty-handed and heart-broken. In mid-August, Adany and her mom stopped in the Revere center with Victoria and Valentina, weighing 10.5lbs and 9lbs, respectively. Adany was beaming with excitement and sheer love for her beautiful daughters! She gladly allowed us to take photos and share them with you, because YOU make these moments happen!  Adany and her mother say, "Thank You!"